Stringer (ex-Heeney) Dropped an Angsty New EP.

Photo:  Maverick Inman

People were sad when Heeney broke up. People were happy when 3/4 of Heeney (Max Kagan, Mark Fletcher and John Spencer) ditched the name, added a member of Bluffing/The Gradients (J Boxer) and formed a new band: Stringer*.

The three front men shared songwriting duties for the new EP and it shows, in a good way. Clocking in at roughly 15 minutes in total, Dead Ass follows the band’s individual voices and influences from grunge to punk to indie rock—all filtered through a pop-friendly lens—held together by Spencer’s momentum behind the kit. Multiple guitars and perspectives are a clear advantage as they riff in and out of tracks, layering math-y melodies and rotating bass duties.

It is worth keeping an eye on how Stringer’s sound evolves as they spend more time writing and playing together. In any case, this EP is an excellent introduction, the diversity in sound makes Dead Ass playable in a constant loop.