What happens when you throw a shark, a muffin and karaoke in a blender?


A Sharkmuffin bachelorette party in which Tarra Theissen (vox, guitar), Natalie Kirch (bass) and friends lip sync their best renditions of "Tampons are for Sluts," from their recently released record Chartreuse, recorded with rock legend Patty Schemel on drums.

All was going swimmingly, doused in disco lights and fueled by champagne. Everyone was too distracted singing along to the fuzzy punk anthem to notice the poorly disguised Sharif Mekawy (current touring drummer) and Davey Jones until Nat lays down the law.

Check out the video below and see how many familiar faces you can spot in the sprawl.

Filmed at 32Karaoke in Midtown Manhattan
Directed & shot by Caroline Yoder
Concept & Editing by Tarra Thiessen & Natalie Kirch