Haybaby's dichotomous "Joke/Rope."

It's no secret that No Such Punk loves Haybaby.


Maybe it's because New York City is filled with a-million-and-one bands all clamoring to be the next big (read: commercially successful) thing or maybe it's because the million-and-one bands are actually a quarter-million people who rotate lineups incessantly so you find yourself at shows musing, "wow, they sound just like a different version of that one dude's old band" until everything blends together; originality is harder to come across than one would expect.

Haybaby consistently stands out of the cluster fuck, producing music that is simultaneously melodic, angsty, melancholy, hopeful and entirely genuine. Their sound has grown and morphed over the past few years, developing into something exceptionally powerful and dark at times, loudly declaring emotion and raw humanness. Leslie Hong (guitar, vox) leaves it all on the field in recordings and especially in live performance, inviting you into her world, coaxing you to feel all the feels alongside her.

"Joke/Rope" offers two paths when faced with a less-than-ideal reality: one can choose to laugh it off and make light of the situation or feed the anguish. Listen below and preorder their upcoming EP Blood Harvest.