There are few bands left like Surfbort.

With Riot Grrrl-esque vocals and total indifference towards whatever box you’d like to draw around them. You get the sense that these are a bunch of kids never colored inside the lines.

The band is lyrically apathetic, tripping over babies in Park Slope and getting sick of recycling. The noise is powered by two guitars (one run through a bass amp) and heavy bashing of drums.

Their magnetism and ability to fill a hole in the NYC scene that has been left by the punk scene of the 70’s have led to swift pickup. In the past year, Surfbort has toured to SXSW, headlined Baby’s All Right, filmed a video for i-D Magazine, played (and partly got kicked out of) 4Knots Festival among a long list of other cool shit.

Listen to Surfbort's new record below and buy an “Abort Trump” t-shirt while you’re at it.